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I love her style
She inspires me to step outside of my fashion box.

Three things about last night’s episode
1. Peter is a good guy friend. He gave Mindy the real talk she needed.
2. Love seeing Max Greenfield from ‘New Girl’. He’s so cute, that smile, I Die!
3. Hope springs eternal. Clearly Danny misses Mindy and is seeing he made a bad decision. I hope they get another shot at it.
*Bonus* I love Morgan!


My Sun may come home for the weekend!!
The smell of fried chicken is floating through the office, tickling my nose. Making me regret that I didn’t get some vittles from Chef Dan’s food truck.
My daughter will not get her cell phone back. She has some maturing to do.
GOD always works things out, ALWAYS.

Sadly… my daughter is such a 13 year old.

Sweet one moment, sneaky the next.

Glimpses of my baby and then flashes of a young woman.

Wanting my undivided attention in one instance then being distant and secretive.

I’m searching for balance with this parenting gig. The most important job of my life.

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